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Our Mission

We exist to share the love of Christ with the people of Jamaica through compassionate health care, spiritual ministry and training for service.  We are God’s instrument to help the poor and needy through highly qualified healthcare services. In so doing we renew the poor in spirit and share with them the Good News of God in Christ.


Service, Faith, Endurance, Community & Fun form the core values of who we are and help us create memorable experiences for our volunteers.



Through a culture of service excellence, we create an experience that exceeds the expectations of our volunteer’s and the people we serve.



We strongly believe and are encouraged that our faith in God will accelerate our success in meeting the needs of the people we serve.


We are resilient in what we do. We remain steadfast to withstand all that is before us through His Grace.



We remain committed to the communities within which we serve, and build sustainable business practices, environments and workplaces.

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