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O. Thompson


"I came home from work and my son was sick and did not know what to do. I heard the doctors were at the camp and I went and asked for help. They saw my son, treated him and helped us."

Nana Willett (alias Reatha)


"Needless to say, my week in the mountains of Jamaica was a gift of a lifetime and I will never forget the experience."                

M. Johnson


"I was scared to take out my teeth and the doctor prayed with me and told me Jesus loves me and it would not be painful.  I cried, but the nurse held my hand the whole way."

Bill & Karen Henwood


"Every mission trip gives us a sense of renewal and purpose. It can be life changing."                                 

K. Brown


"The cost of extracting my teeth is $3000 at the local dentist.  I had two that really needed extracting.  The doctors assisted me here and I am much better."              

Dr. Iwuji


"The trip was a great success and hopefully the start of many future successes! I had a wonderful time."                 

Victoria Faul


"I had a wonderful time in Jamaica. Thank you so much for helping me to get in at the last minute. Dr. Cosby is a great educator. I learned so much about dentistry; however, I still think mouths are gross. The people were amazing; they sung us the most beautiful welcome song in Ginger Hill."                 

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